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one in many yet one all the same

what the forest never told me

allegory wraped in metaphore
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go and do somthing with yourself and leave the thinkng to me.

nyathea is a place for rants and inquries, stories and the likes, within the fiction and truth find what you want within, and take what you can from it. maybe its true, maybe its fiction, to thouse who belive in magic men who fly, and mock those who hold dear magic dragons who help create the world by battling evil, for those who dissregard all or embrace all...its an interting existance. is there anything outside what we know, or is life just all "chicken sandwitches" (ie, no souls, law of the jungle, culture, survival and thinking to much)

some things I belive, some I don't. I'ma bit kinder than the one who made the flying spaggite monster, thats just horrble absurd, I leave the mocking to mocking, and the absurd creation/metaphsycial existance to lofty fiction worthy of an anime or vidio game or novle to be burnt by those who deem themselfs holy warriors. none of us are ment to make such judgments right? we all know no nothing and we all judge, maybe we're not to know, or maybe faith in the complete absurd is the way (see "my" Neon black) but then...wouldn't one turn back on what they belive? worlds created by wars and men who fly?

Nyathea is a take on "neo-theo", a long time ago I walked in the woods and though of a creaton story, involing a "god" called "nyatea". Nyathea (or naythea, nyathiea) created "light" from feeling, the goes awry, he creates "dark". there is ballance.
there were other things but I thought to fast and the creative process didn't log well.

I wish to write you know, so this is also a log for those ideas and characters. but I know anyone can steal them and get away with it, but I have the most powerfull weapon of all...faith. stealing is a sin, if you wish to experance some horrible torument so be it, and don't think you can get away with being a fetisist, contempory punishment won't appply here, nore do we work on any "Dante" basies, you steal then somthing horrible comes, if you were a tree hugger w, the you will be a warror for the cold, souless future we make. anway somthing like that.

its all so hard. in short, watch whats here, some may be real others pure "fantasy", others "real for fantasy"
did i mention a dumping ground for otaku-other kin and soulbonding rants?

watch out for the antipodes, they take over and those who grin and yern for fixing things with destruction, world is a mess, horrable horrable place and its time for a changing of the gauards.
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