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Jan. 3rd, 2010 | 10:34 pm


so andy said like in 2003 or 2004 or when ever he is aall "OMG You break the gate of ornirus"

they used ornirus in WoW

but i am supprised in his psyconabble he spouted something from greek mythology
woo two dream gates

wee woo

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(no subject)

Jan. 2nd, 2010 | 03:46 pm

no one can escape time, it delivers us all to the same end, you can't plug your ears and close your eyes


i'm not doing much of anything with my life, so i guess what fullfillment and fullness is and what makes someone happy. but pissing around all the time is that 'living' and if life is what you make of it what does it say about a person?

someone is better if they do something. like, the people who do big great things.
i don't really have a big feeling 'reach for the stars'. its just 'beh'
slugging through life, boring, not doing anything.

i do't think having a job would make me feel 100% better and Its better if the job was like feeding war orphens in some crappy country

or saving chimps (wich means messing up someone else's life and cultre because they need the meat, money and logging they can get from killing chimps and selling their babies)

a hermit died, nobody cared, nobody knew them so "they did not exist"

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tired ramblings

Jan. 1st, 2010 | 08:33 pm

i want to put something beautiful here, poetic storyfull wisdom-atic.

but it is hard. it is not something i sit on and dwell and do, as is

it comes randomly, I can sit and eat and something is there

or read the things that can make me rage or look at some fanarts.

or just dash about.

a sprint fuels the story but the song dosen't last.

its just like having someone trail on or tell you something "just once" and never repeat something.

things that would be like character monologues diolaugs and just. wisdom things

of exsitancal wangs, angst. and the hope of fluffy feelings

life can be selfish but in its sellishness it is self preservation to help the future generation. keeping fully to yourself you do no justice.

the man who lives alone in a vast castle is less rich than the man who dies surrounded by his many friends

and more clap trap.

"wisdom is only wisdom if you can utilize and apply it to yourself and life"

these could be belived in. they are pretty words. but do I feel them? is it something I do/can?

I like my stuff, but in one way, heaven/hell/reincarnations or not it is just stuff? to hold onto and grasp, grapple onto belongings is...what is the word? its who you have not what?

lol. such pretty words from someone with not a lot of friends and who is brimming with empathy that some crybaby on the interbuts, if i read their words of pseudo despairing i break down and cry because I feel it too.

for someone who seems to had blocked out themselves from a lot of feelings, reconising them or showing them.

yes I do feel bad for some's losses. but does one "feel it"? "my person died" I'm not..the one who goes and hugs and sobs with you. I don't feel -your- sadness.

maybe it is selfcenterd.

"your world died, pay attention to me"

that and I recall the people from the soulbonding and multiplicity

it is fascinating. if those "personalities" are "viable" "people" then we need to re-write what people, beings and "living" is

your dog can die but how does someone in your head die. there is a deleted journal about exorcising head mates and or soulbonds and multiple's system members that you don't kill them or excosize them.

"how do you explain to a little girl that her aunt cannot play/talk to her anymore/where she went"


that and that would be weird. having a funeral for someone in your head.

oh yeh mean.

what else was there?

your stuff. is it right when Christians rage and judge over things, but if they are messengers of faith, and then the words of judgment is from their god then it is ok right?
"passing judgment when it is not your job to judge"

its human nature.

you need the struggle for that, for power,law. Law is judgment? law is order?

if someone dosen't abide but your things they are bad

if they are not one of you they are bad

if they don't be like you

you can hate them all you want

the little yipyap is not there much. your creative yipyap in the head.
like the characters talk to you for you.
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(no subject)

Dec. 29th, 2009 | 06:43 pm

i wanted to put something poingent or poetic here. but..bleh. or i'll keep it and rage the fule with chick tracts

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avatar smazatar

Dec. 29th, 2009 | 09:15 am


duuudd, now i want to see it more.

would anyone be offended if a plot such as such, where the "innnnnvaaaaddarrrrrrrzz" -were- the good guy.

moreso if the slaughterd looked like lizardmen, wolfmen, catmen.

"if they are not like us, they are not us, so it is ok"

ohh i wish i could write with my characters. my "Charger" is so made of this.

he is the militant, religious zealot.


not as offensive as "princess and the frog"?

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4 writing

Oct. 22nd, 2009 | 05:47 pm


to use for writings

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(no subject)

Oct. 7th, 2009 | 05:27 pm

life is what you make it, its weird then, i guess.
nothing really has rhymn or reason to exist

it make sence people look to humanized gods to make things make sence.

other wise, everything is still nothing and nothing is something and something is everything.

eternity and oblivian, every thing and nothing. its all there with an observer or not. but how does the observer witness nothingness?

nothing, simplicty everything, then nothing again.

nothing lasts forever besides nothingness?

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crown me your king and good things shall follow

Sep. 29th, 2009 | 10:24 am


so on wajas i got scolded for posting a rant about all the stupid sparkel animals i see having the 'star of islam' slaped on their bodies, so they look more 'magggiccallll'

sure i linked to about.com

religion isn't allowed on it so asking "do you belive in god" is the same as "why do people make their characters wear anks when they don't know what it means'

the one girl is getting away with asking if her teacher is allowed to bring a bible into class and preach from it, then quiz them on it. (yes allegeldy he is telling them the garden of edan existed like France does and their is no other truth but that)

or something. it wasn't directed to me, the flaming religion but meh.

though the examples she gives was just crap you'd find on your test about Greek myths.

symbols make the world, the world is symbols.
symbols are idols, occult


not even god can save you from fiction and fantasy repent repent.


I think i'd make a good demon.
maybe these people need to STFU

you can take them down with a mighityer paper cut of a comic book.

everything old should be forgoten, more so if its not revelent to your kin.
perhaps they should be forgoten?

squigle line=satan
star with smile face=satan
5 legged table=satan
pencil=satan's dick
spiral notebook=satan
frilly lacy valentine heart=satan
platapus=satan(teaches us evolution)
sun=super paganistic satanic image
wolf=super evil satan animal
baren wastland desert=who knows
tree=super paganistic thing..maybe god...or lies? death?
world peace=satan (it only works if everyone is the same)
multyligualism=satan (don't for get the tower deal)
respecting people who are not like you (satan, why let people influance you to live their way)

they say rainbow is god symbol. its not. the homosexuals took it
i suggest you let them and go back to your thing and see it now as gay.

stars have always been pagen

i'm good at this




if these matters are true, these people

i know what the world is
you keep your kind safe, you love your broters, nehibors, you hate forigners and strangers.

they offer nothing to you.
they exist to serve you if they don't join you

to yous with faith. whats with those people praying to saints
that is what it is right?

you people with faith. if these things are so.
you cannot talk to angels right? one who say they do. i am not wrong for questining them, and telling them they are wrong and bad.

demons and devils are tricky no?

how sad. i killed your world.

to those with faith and belive in this
I won't be wrong for attacking people who do angel readings. i can beat them with Jack Chick pamplits and your god will like that no?

blame Japan


to those with faith. to those with familys with faith. beat the crap out of yur children when you see them run around playing make-belive.
no matter what. no matter if its 'dogs and cats', 'cowboys and indians'

it warps then and makes them want makebelive than reality.

lay down and take no action, wait till the the storm blows over
it is not your job to act or do by any means.
your life and dicessions are taken care of

just sit and wait for the tide to settle

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is this an answer

Sep. 12th, 2009 | 10:13 pm


well well well, this is interesting.
i need to find a pastor, priest and everyone else.

write to jack chick or the Vatican's pope. well the former hates the latter.

so, from the 'cult of nian' or what ever i'd want to call a made up religion based on some hair brained fantasy story snippets this person makes me wonder.

so, good Christians in heaven...can have their imaginary friends made real.
thus creates new souls? but then some people say all the individuals created are created. wtf
this is why people don't like you
this is why truth seeking has no answer or resulition

chaulk it up to evil or optional deafness/blindness.


how strange.
oh boy.

so this means then, if real or just in faith, if a good christain has imagnary friends from outside sources, that means God will make them real souls in heaven?

or would that only work for 'orginals'?

I'm just saying they now should look at 'soulbonding' with some validity.

"Billy was a good christain who had Samus as an I.F, the Christians were right so as a reward along with heaven he gets a real/the real Samus"

ahh wtf.

weird if this is how the universe works.

still sounds something like I said before from being in the soulbonding palce here.

worship me, follow me, crown me your king and good things will follow!

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(no subject)

Sep. 8th, 2009 | 07:27 pm

in me, and them and the parts of me. sitting inquisitivy and with malice and ignorance and assumptions.

is it 'wrong' for a die-hard godfearing Christain to have imaganary friends into adulthood? for what I assume i've learned from the internet i say 'no'

and i assume I am right, and rigtous for suggesting the person who has evangelical christain fish friends that live in 'finding nemo" and "ice age"

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