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Jul. 14th, 2010 | 11:46 am

looking back everything is embrassing. my creativity, syntax. not that i better the communication. i'll leave this here. I need to find the name of one of the characters . I could use the name if i play megaten on line.

the Solonamei. or what ever the name is. I tried to combine salome with solanaceae to make solaneameia or somethings...........
what is his last name. or whas that the last name? Salvradi. such stupid names
the sorrowful one who goes by "you save people by nulling existance, the world without strife is the world that does not exist. you save people from them self by removing the reason they suffer, the suffering is because they are"


salvation by destruction.
there should be more to him though.

and I found Kamari is a name that means "enemy of desire". coool. i dind't know. it sounds cool so it is, one of the 'surname' of another character
the name salome means peace

combining the name with the scientifc name for the night shade family=cool or stupid?

wtf salvradi is a name? what does it mean

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