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the history was painfull to read

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Jan. 23rd, 2010 | 08:53 pm

i went back looking for a character's name. Haata or something..

holy crap i'm insane. retarded. no better than that 21 year old at deivant art who writes finding nemo fan fiction with Jesus in it.

mangaled names, gibberish.
good thing i'm medicated now.
aside the fact the allergie ones pretty much say they can cause some kind of OCD panic attacks.

I won't delete them. but i'm not happy about it.
i thought I was cool. but i'm like the kid with a load of disordrs trying to make a coherent story. that boy's stories of Spyro characters, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Jesus, Finding Nemo fish, and who else are more artfully exicuted than mine. or my characters.

help? no it is no use.
i want complication. elaboration. a flower with thousands of petles each a story in their own right, with connections to the others.

i want a panthion of sorts. gods, humans, monsters, angels, demons.

ahh now where was that entry with the psycomp character. his name was hatta or haata or something

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